DioJi's Scooter Races

DioJi's Scooter Races is a math based educational aid.

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Base Content

Compete against the computer to complete math facts. Depending on the area of the game the math problems will be presented in different ways challenging the player. Players can earn stars for completing and getting correct answers during the races which can be uses in the Star Store to unlock other areas, puppies and music. There is no in app advertising or purchasing.


  • Water Woods
  • Sunny Sands
  • Byte City
  • Rainbow Hills
  • Mt. Scooter

    Unlock through gameplay
  • 20 Robopuppies (some hidden)
  • 10+ songs
  • 5 Areas to race in

    This program contains NO in app purchasing or advertising.
    This program is completely free to use and collects no user information.
    This program may be used in a public setting, including: schools, anywhere on planet Earth.
    Please contact us if you wish to use it on another planet in a public setting.