Morons In Space Simulation

Enjoy the frustration of running a space delivery company. In this simple, time wasting game you will have to manage, train, and protect the morons you hire. Unlock up to fourteen vehicles for your morons to use. Hire additional morons. All expenses have been spared except on the music...

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In M.I.S.S. you must protect your morons on delivery missions from asteroids, space hippies and more. Now just like any good frustrating game you don't get to control the morons but you can use a mouse or touch interface to destroy the hazards that stand in their way. Not a serious game but a fun one. We removed the in-app purchasing and made all of the items unlockable through normal game play.

This game was made by Morons for Morons!


  • Some vehicles (the Semi in space is awesome)
  • Bad guys
  • Rocks in space
  • No Ads.
  • Other Stuff!!!!

    This program contains NO in app purchasing or advertising.
    This program is completely free to use and collects no user information.